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AP WORLD HISTORY  2nd Period A Day



Hey, Everybody!!!

  Welcome to AP World History period 2A! 



Make sure you create a blog and put it on YOUR wiki site and link it to this call sidebar!


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Comments (11)

Anonymous said

at 3:52 pm on Sep 18, 2007


Anonymous said

at 3:52 pm on Sep 18, 2007

Who did the VOC strategy?

Anonymous said

at 8:56 pm on Sep 25, 2007

i did

Anonymous said

at 3:30 pm on Sep 26, 2007

are we supposed to do ch.5?

Anonymous said

at 6:57 pm on Sep 26, 2007

Yes do Ch. 4 and 5 vocabulary for the quiz Friday

Anonymous said

at 5:30 pm on Oct 3, 2007

Any homework due 10/4-10/8?

Anonymous said

at 4:32 pm on Oct 4, 2007

What up everyone? Let me know if we're playing the halo trial any this weekend...

Anonymous said

at 5:03 pm on Oct 4, 2007

omg, shut up andrew, wut a nerd....lol
ooo yea, if u read this, plz tell me wut bus u ridin cuz i heard the bus changed

Anonymous said

at 1:51 pm on Oct 6, 2007

so is the main library extra credit open for credit?

Anonymous said

at 9:16 am on Oct 8, 2007

Wow... thanks tillmen for making me feel like a nerd.JK. I ride bus 140. if u play halo, play in the server entitled "RATCageinJapan", "RATLockinJapan",and "RATDuelinJapan." They r the sweetest modded maps on da game.

Anonymous said

at 4:05 pm on Oct 25, 2007

yea, i know

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